Front End Engineering Studies of South Sumatra Natural Gas Liquids/NGL for PT.PERTAGAS

Front End Engineering Studies of South Sumatra Natural Gas Liquids/NGL for PT.PERTAGAS


E1 and Pertagas, a subsidiary of Pertamina, propose to build, own and operate a NGL Plant in South Sumatra, Indonesia.  The NGL will be extracted from natural gas which Pertagas presently supplies to users in the Palembang area.  After extraction the NGL will be processed.  The lean natural gas will be returned to Pertagas.

An extraction plant is proposed for Prabumilih Barat in South Sumatra and a plant for processing the NGL at Sungai Gerong, within the Pertamina refinery complex, at Palembang.


ISB Scope of Work for this project includes :

  • Review of process flow scheme & agree final scheme with client
  • Check proposed sites for the facilities in Prabumulih Barat and Sungai Gerong and prepare draft plot plans for inclusion in the ITB
  • Check and advise on the suitability of existing Pertamina pipeline Right of Way (ROW) to accommodate the NGL pipeline
  • Propose potential pipeline route from the termination point of the Pertamina ROW to the proposed site for the fractionation and storage facilities in Sungai Gerong
  • Prepare scope of any required soil investigation work
  • Review and advise on logistics with respect to delivery of large equipment to the Prabumulih Barat site
  • Prepare an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for EPC bidders including form of contract, guarantee requirements, proposed schedules, codes & standards, etc.
  • The ITB will include information to EPC bidders on the following:
    • Location & Civil
    • Electrical, Instrumentation & Control
    • Mechanical
    • Machinery
    • Process Design
    • Inspection (incl. QA & QC)
    • Health, Safety & Environment
    • Form of Contract
  • Provide Capital Cost Estimate for the facilities
  • Assist with responding to EPC bidder queries during bid preparation
  • Provide technical evaluation of EPC bids

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14 July 2015

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