FEA-CFD Engineering Analysis & Product Development Support

Since 2003, PT. INDONESIAN SERVICE BUREAU (ISB) has demonstrated capabilities in Feasibility Studies, FEED, Detail Engineering and construction supervision of Energy related projects.

With advanced knowledge of Fluid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics, ISB is capable of assisting Clients to perform Engineering Studies for Oil Gas Refineries, Natural Gas Processing Plant, Power Plant, Pulp and Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Mining Processing Plants Operations & Modifications.

ISB possess a full range of Multi-discipline Engineers as well as Project Management Experts Capable to execute Mechanical Design & Risk Assessment for technical design, including the following:

Finite Element Engineering (FEA) Works as Accurate solution to minimize design failure/safety level and to optimize the designs, such as:

  1. Structure Engineering FEA Design-Calculation
  2. Frame Structure FEA Design-Calculation
  3. Structure Interaction Analysis
  4. Life Time Estimation&Design
  5. Fracture Fatigue Analysis
  6. Dynamic Structure Behavior Analysis
  7. Vibration Harmonic Analysis
  8. Isotank Structure FEA Design-Calculation
  9. Lifting Arrangement Shell Jig FEA Design-Calculation
  10. Pipeline Structure FEA Design-Calculation
  11. FEA Design-Calculation Feasibility study


Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Works such as:

  1. Heat Transfer Studies
  2. Fluid Dynamic Behavior Analysis
  3. Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis
  4. Advanced Fluent Analysis/Fluid Mechanics CFD Engineering
  5. Heat Transfer Engineering
  6. Blending/Mixing Process Analysis
  7. Mixing Tank CFD Design-Calculation
  8. Agitator Tank CFD Design-Calculation
  9. Flash Tank CFD Design-Calculation
  10. Loading Arm CFD Design-Calculation
  11. Scrubber Equipment CFD Design-Calculation
  12. Geothermal Wellhead CFD Design-Calculation
  13. Girder Conveyor CFD Design-Calculation
  14. Particle Separation Unit CFD Design-Calculation
  15. Midwater CFD Design-Calculation
  16. Condensate Receiver Tank CFD Design-Calculation
  17. Incinerator CFD Design-Calculation
  18. Diesel Power Plant Fuel Filter CFD Design-Calculation
  19. CFD Design-Calculation Feasibility study

Product Development Support such as:

  1. Product Life Management/PLM
  2. New Product Development /NPD
  3. Concept Product /CP
  4. Product Planning/PP
  5. Design Verification/DV
  6. Product Verification/PV
  7. Product Development Technical Support
  8. Engineering Research Development for Product Development
  9. Engineering FEA-CFD Design-Calculation for Product Development


Fluid Dynamics,Heat Transfer,FEA&CFD Engineering Analysis

Fluid Dynamics,Heat Transfer,FEA&CFD Engineering Analysis


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